Payal and Armaan Malik got bad news before delivery! Said – you guys pray..

Payal and Armaan Malik got bad news before delivery!  Said – you guys pray..

Armaan Malik First Wife Payal: U-tuber Armaan Malik’s house is about to echo again. His first wife Payal is constantly battling pain. In such a situation, once again he was taken to the hospital for checkup. This time Payal came to the hospital with Kritika. Kritika told that after her delivery, swelling has come under her stitches. Because of which she has also come to the doctor. In such a situation, when both Payal and Kritika reached the doctors, Payal’s checkup was started where it was found that her pulse rate has increased a lot and her BP has also increased which should not happen.

Payal updated fans about her health

Payal told- ‘One would be my LFT (Liver function tests), because there is a lot of itching in my body, secondly my pulse rate has increased a lot, which should not happen. At the same time, my BP has also increased. During this, Armaan Malik’s second wife Kritika said- ‘We too have become upset by coming to the hospital again and again. Payal’s LFT reports will come tomorrow, if there is anything wrong with her reports, we will get her delivered. If her reports are normal, we will wait for the time required for delivery. Preterm baby will also have to stay in the nursery. That’s why we are saying that Payal, don’t take stress, just get up to eat food, otherwise don’t get up at all.’

Chances of Payal having a pre-term baby!

Payal told that she still has 4 days left to complete 8 months. In such a situation, Payal’s doctor said- ‘When preterm babies are not able to feed from the mother, they have to be taken out and fed milk, they have to be kept in the nursery. They are at increased risk of jaundice. There is a problem in digesting. Many times the major problem that the child faces is that of breathing. In such a situation, we are trying that somehow Payal reaches her term. By the way, Payal is brave and she is not worrying much for light pens. She is taking good care of herself. For the baby to be on time, Armaan and Payal have asked their fans to pray for them.

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