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  1. No defending that old man at all but everyone should always carry their cell phones w them. They are truly an addition to our lives that can help get us out of some ish. Healing vibes and rest in peace to all the victims.

  2. Re: Jonathan Majors – The still photos that were released are just of his then girlfriend at a club/bar directly after the alleged incident. His team released that to say that she was fine and not injured since she was out partying afterwards. There's also body cam footage and his team says it shows her being coached by police. I did think they also originally mentioned a video from the cab but I haven't heard anything on that lately, if it's real or if it's being released, his team just says they have the cab driver as a witness of what really happened. Also they're saying he called the police because she was in distress the next day and showed up at his place. … IDK but things are not looking good for him especially with those texts and if what they're saying about the other alleged victims is true.

  3. I tell you as a war veteran I felt safer in the Middle East than back home. The Supreme Court can tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body but we can’t get comprehensive gun laws. And at this point we have so many guns in the hands of folks that shouldn’t have them what are we going to do as a society?

  4. That taxi cab video probably shows him really eating that girl head up because Hollywood has washed their hands of him.

    Did y’all see that middle age man throwing a tantrum because a baby was cry on a flight? Shm🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. I don’t feel bad for JM if he did it. It’s definitely not looking good in the court of public opinion. Let’s see how this pans out in the court of law. I say that knowing that justice is not always served, but at least we see real evidence.

    I agree with what Rox said about the others. Look at how Ezra Miller was treated after all that cutting up he did. I believe DC is still going to release The Flash movie. Look, at Casey Aflack (sp?) aka Ben’s little brother. A co-star accused him of “helping himself to her”, and it’s talked about but he’s not cancelled.

  6. Dang Rox I have to respectfully disagree with the young man being shot by the old man! I lean more towards the old man was afraid when he seen the young black man! If we are honest many of us would have done the same thing because of the culture we are in! Our young black men are breaking into people's houses, doing home invasions and robbing people at an alarming rate! I have a 40 glock and if a black boy I didnt know was on my door that time of night I may react the same! People are living in fear in their own homes now! I cant say the man is racist or not because I dont know him but I will say I definitely can see this happening! Not blaming the victim nor trying to justify what the old man did! Love you girlie 🌟🌟🥰🥰‼

  7. Just last week, I went to view a house for rent and the landlord sent me the address. She kept telling me to input the code on the door, but I texted her a picture of the door that only had a doorknob. I kept walking around the property looking for the right door, but I never saw one that had a keypad.
    She caught an attitude and stated I needed to find the correct address. I simply took a screenshot of the address she sent me and texted it to her. Much like Mr. Yarl, the street name was the same, but she sent the incorrect ending (Ct instead of Dr). I live in FLORIDA. I could have easily been killed just because she didn't pay attention when she texted me the address. After these stories, I'm reminded even more of how blessed I was to be unscathed after that happened.

  8. I really really hope Monique and the whole cast of “The Parkers” get paid !!! “The Parkers “ is classic…that show stays on repeat in my house . Pay them their money! Friends is another one that stays in rotation and i know them people getting millions every time an episode come on …and Friends plays every damn day (nick) just like the parkers (cleo tv etc) . Just unfair. Why would you not pay people what they are due and owed?!?

  9. I def think Johnathan ticked someone off and prob burned alot of bridges thats helping sway public opinion. The video was of his gf partying after the taxi cab moment well after 3am uninjured. Johnathan's lawyer claims that the gf attacked him and he asked the cab to pull over and ran away from her and there are witnesses including the cab driver to attest to it. The gf then went out partying, and ran up an $800 bill on his credit card unauthorized. She then sent a variety of erratic text messages including one stating she was gonna self delete. Johnathan checked into a hotel that night and when he went to his residence the next day, he had to call maintenance to unlock his bedroom door. That's when he found the gf passed out and she had a broken finger. That's when Johnathan called the police. The lawyer also claims to have video of the police coaching the gf to accuse Johnathan. The video footage they have of the gf partying after their argument shows that she wasnt injured and finger def wasnt broken.

  10. You and yours must be those type of people that stay trespassing to not understand how people don't want you in their yard but these people did the absolute most shooting people!

  11. Is there a difference between it being a "hate crime" vs a person just being afraid of black people unwarranted? Whatever happens that 84 man aint seeing no jail, he be dx with dementia or something….. but im happy ralph will pull thru…..and take care of for the rest of his life

  12. Why is Yarl back at home? Can you even diagnosis brain bleed that quick ..perhaps but i hope he is getting proper medical attention because some bias happens in medical treatment as well. When cops and ems were called why was Lester not arrested or questioned

  13. Can a lawyer explain why supposed assault has 7 charges/shoot a person in head you can stay home and considered innocent? The American legal system is definitely not beating allegations it is hugely flawed

  14. In the Jonathan Major's story, the still photos in the club/ restaurant was his lawyers trying to prove that the girlfriend didn't suffer the injuries that she claimed. It looks like their defense is to discredit her instead of proving Major's innocence


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