WhatsApp ‘Keep In Chat’ Feature Allows Users To Retain Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp ‘Keep In Chat’ Feature Allows Users To Retain Disappearing Messages

New Delhi: WhatsApp has now allowed users to keep messages from disappearing thread by pressing long on them so they can read them later. However, the sender will have the ability to “veto the decision”, meaning the ability to decide on keeping the messages or not.

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Introducing the new feature on communication app “Keep in Chat”, WhatsApp wrote in the blog posts that “Messages you’ve saved on your WhatsApp will be noted with a bookmark icon and you can see these messages, organized by chat, in the Kept Messages folder”.

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Sender Is The Final Voice

WhatsApp new feature will help users to retain important messages from disappearing in the messages thread.

The Sender of the message will be notified when someone keeps a message, and the sender will have the ability to “veto the decision”. If the sender has decided your message can’t be kept by others, your decision is final, no one else can keep it and the message will be deleted when the timer expires. This way the sender has the final say on how messages the sender sends are protected.

Disappearing Messages – Extra Layer Of Privacy

WhatsApp’s feature ‘Disappearing Messages’ provides extra layer of privacy to the users by removing the digital print by disappearing the messages of conversation. It helps messages from falling into the wrong hands. But it also creates another problem especially when you need to keep a voice note or key piece of information you want.

WhatsApp 3 New Security Features For Privacy

On April 13, WhatsApp introduced three new security features to make the popular communication app more secure and protect against threats for users. In the blog post, the company announced on April 13 adding three security features – account protect, device verification, and automatic security codes in the app in order to provide extra layers of privacy and more control of over the messages.


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