When the child started crying in the flight, the person lost his temper, know what the crew did

When the child started crying in the flight, the person lost his temper, know what the crew did

Orlando Florida US News: A strange incident has happened in Florida, America. Here, during a Southwest Airlines flight, a passenger became so uncomfortable that he created ruckus in the plane itself for a long time. He lost his temper over a crying child there. Later the person was taken off the plane. The video of this incident has now surfaced, and many people are discussing it.

By watching the video, you can guess how upset a person was in the plane. According to a report in USA Today, a Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida, was taking off shortly after a baby’s cry was heard in the plane. This made one person very upset. After that many people started arguing, and in the end everyone had to get off the plane at Orlando airport.

A user @DeL2000 on Twitter tweeted this video, quoting Mark Grabowski, and explained what had happened on the plane. Many people are seen requesting the person who lost his temper to calm down, but the person kept on shouting.

On the other hand, the child also kept crying. The clip of this incident has now gone viral. There are reports that the flight was interrupted due to bad weather, after that this incident happened. In the short clip, a child can be heard crying out while the airline crew tries to calm the situation.

After watching the video, many users reacted on social media. One wrote that flying with a child in a plane is not an easy task. Some children are not patient enough to wait at the airport, while some even start crying. Many babies often throw tantrums and cry due to discomfort, which becomes embarrassing for their parents. This incident was also similar.

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