Delhi HC holds 3 officials of the national capital guilty of contempt, hearing will be held on this day

Delhi HC holds 3 officials of the national capital guilty of contempt, hearing will be held on this day

Delhi High Court Contempt: The Delhi High Court has held the then Chief Secretary of the Delhi Government, its Special Commissioner (Transport) and the Labor Secretary guilty of contempt for willfully disobeying a court order. The court said that those officers deliberately did not comply with the December 2017 order of its two-member bench. Now the High Court will hear the sentence against the officers guilty of contempt on July 14.

What did the Delhi High Court say?

The court said that the authorities have willfully disregarded the order passed in December 2017 on the increment of the employees working in public transport buses of Delhi. In that order, the government was instructed to increase the salary of the employees by making appropriate amendments in the agreement made with all the private companies running cluster buses.

The Delhi government challenged the HC’s decision in the Supreme Court.

The court said that the Delhi government challenged that decision in the Supreme Court and it was rejected from there as well. Despite this, no step was taken in this direction, then the petitioner companies gave several reports to the government. Nevertheless, the companies had filed a contempt petition after no steps were taken to amend the agreement regarding salary hike and to increase the salary accordingly.

It is necessary to deal strictly with the officials – Justice Rekha Palli

Justice Rekha Palli said that the contempt law is meant to serve the public interest and to instill confidence in the judicial process, therefore it is necessary to deal strictly with the officers in the present case. He said that the next hearing of the case would be on July 14. The court ordered that on July 14, 2023, the contemnor, Special Commissioner Transport, Chief Secretary and Labor Secretary of National Green Authority of Delhi Government should be present in the court.

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