Did Pakistani soldiers defeat America in combat? Know the truth of this viral video

Did Pakistani soldiers defeat America in combat?  Know the truth of this viral video

Fact Check Of Viral Video: A video of the players’ competition is going viral on social media. In this video, two different teams of men can be seen running, climbing and jumping, they have a close fight for some time and then one side wins. It is being said that there are Pakistani and American soldiers seen in this video, between whom this fight took place.

Many Pakistanis are claiming that the Pakistanis beat the Americans in the sports competition. Without knowing when and where the video is from, many people have assumed that it is a video of a fight between Pakistani and American soldiers, in which the Pakistanis defeated the Americans.

Video of 60th World Military Pentathlon Championship

Here we are investigating this video today, and will tell you what is really the truth. To know about this video, we searched Internet Archives. Based on which, we have found that this video is not recent. The video is from the 60th World Military Pentathlon Championship, an international military competition in which Pakistan did not even participate.

Sports competition was held in 2016

A reverse search of the video’s image and associated keywords led us to a viral video shared in 2016. It can be clearly seen in that video that the “60th World Military Pentathlon Championship” was going on there. The soldiers seen in the video were from the Brazilian army, where the event was hosted from 9 to 18 November 2013 in Rio de Janeiro.

Americans and Pakistanis didn’t compete

As per reports, only military personnel on active duty in the armed forces of CISM member nations were allowed to participate in the event. This proves that while Pakistan and the US were listed as member countries for the event, their names did not figure in the list of final entries for the contest. And, the names of both the countries were not mentioned even in the final results. Hence it becomes clear that the video being shared does not show US and Pakistan armies competing against each other. It also does not show Pakistani soldiers defeating the US Army in a sporting event.

Claim: In this video Pakistani army is shown defeating American soldiers in a sports event.

conclusion: The video is of the 60th World Military Pentathlon Championship. Pakistan or America did not compete in this event.

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