Drunk 61-Year-Old Man Kisses Male Flight Attendant, Assaults Other Cabin Crew

Drunk 61-Year-Old Man Kisses Male Flight Attendant, Assaults Other Cabin Crew

A Delta Airlines passenger allegedly assaulted one of the flight attendants after drinking heavily during his journey. A man flying to Alaska has been accused of trying to force himself on one of the cabin crew members present on the flight, reports the New York Post. During the attempt, the man also broke a tray with the captain’s meal on it. The passenger in the incident has been identified as David Alan Burk, aged 61, who was traveling from Minnesota to Alaska to settle his dead friend’s estate.

As a first-class passenger on the Delta Airlines flight, Burk was entitled to drinks before his take-off from Minneapolis. However, he wasn’t served the drink because of the regulations on the flight, making him “snippy” with the flight attendant. Post take off, Burk was served his drink of choice by the same flight attendant, who later allegedly became the victim of an assault by Burk.

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While the plane was in flight, Burk allegedly made a stop in the galley to compliment the flight attendant before requesting a kiss. He allegedly felt awkward and caught off guard and refused the advance. After which, Burk allegedly grabbed his neck, dragged the attendant toward him, and kissed his neck.

The flight attendant reported the incident to the other crew members and steered clear of Burk until he got back to his seat. Later, he was informed by a separate flight attendant that Burk had damaged a dish on a tray that contained the food for the captain.

Following the fiasco on the plane, the pilot contacted the airport to report the incident, as per New York Post. At the time, Burk appeared “wasted” and fell asleep after drinking three glasses of wine on the plane.

Burk denied shattering the dish, kissing the flight attendant, or being intoxicated during his police questioning. He did, however, acknowledge drinking before the flight. Before being freed on his own recognisance, the passenger was charged with interfering with flight attendants and making false statements. Burk is scheduled to appear in court on April 27 on charges of assault and criminal mischief.


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