Fierce collision of car and fuel tanker on London Bridge, railing melted by flames, watch video

Fierce collision of car and fuel tanker on London Bridge, railing melted by flames, watch video

Connecticut Golden Memorial Bride Fire: A fuel tanker exploded on Friday (April 21) at the Connecticut Gold Star Memorial Bridge in England. The explosion took place when the tire of a car passing by burst and the car collided with the fuel tanker. The car collided with the rear of the truck. The driver of the fuel tanker died in this collision.

After the collision of the fuel tanker and the car, suddenly the fire started burning. The people in the car were injured in this accident. The names of the people in the car have not been disclosed. A video related to this incident has also surfaced, in which it can be clearly seen that the fire was burning with black smoke rising on the bridge.

it took several hours to extinguish the fire
Immediately after this accident on the Gold Star Memorial Bridge, a large number of firefighters reached to extinguish the fire. After a long struggle, the fire was successfully extinguished. According to the report of the news agency Associated Press (AP), the incident took place after 11 am on the highway above the River Thames between the Gold Star Memorial Bridge and Groton. After the incident, the lane of Route No. 86 and 84 was closed by the Transport Department. After this, the southern part of the bridge has been closed for inspection.

The railing of the bridge melted due to the fire.
Joseph Pelchat of the New London Police Department said both lanes of I-95 were closed due to a serious accident on the Gold Star Bridge. Due to this the movement of vehicles is stopped.

At the same time, the Connecticut State Police also confirmed that the buildings under the bridge were also on fire. The people injured in the accident are being investigated. Groton Mayor Keith Kedrick said the fire was so severe that the railing of the bridge melted.

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