HeatWave In India: What You Can Do To Save Life In Heatwave?

HeatWave In India: What You Can Do To Save Life In Heatwave?

Due to climate change, heatwaves in India have increased more than before in recent years. A heatwave is a prolonged period of abnormally high temperatures, often exceeding 40 °C (104 °F), in various parts of India, especially in the summer months of April to June. Let’s go through a heatwave of sorts. Due to which there are serious effects on the health of the people of India.

Due to rise in temperature in summer, most of the people have to face some such problems like- excessive heat, sweating, exhaustion, heatstroke, dehydration and even death from all this can happen. It especially affects people who are physically weak such as the elderly, children and people who are already suffering from some serious illness. If you want to avoid the heat, then you have to take maximum care of yourself and for this you will have to spend money.

Why are people in bad condition due to heatwave in cities

Due to various environmental factors including urbanization, deforestation and air pollution, heatwaves are more frequent nowadays than in the past.  Urban areas with concrete structures, limited green space, and increased heat-absorbing surfaces "urban heat island" impact, which can lead to high temperature.

Due to increase in temperature and humidity, heat exhaustion is more, due to which dehydration starts and sodium level also starts decreasing in the body. Patients usually present with a history of heat exposure as well as symptoms of weakness, fatigue and dry mouth. Also due to the increasing consumption of cold drinks, the cases of influenza are on the rise. Mahim’s P.D. According to Dr. Kishore Sathe, Consultant, Hinduja Hospital and MRC 

Who and what influences most?

According to  Internal Medicine Dr. Honey Savla of Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, ‘Due to heatwave, many types of problems start in the body such as dehydration, body cramps, excessive tiredness, heat stroke etc. are included. Due to dehydration, cardiac arrest can also lead to severe kidney damage. Elderly and small children are very exhausted in heatwave. Symptoms of heat stroke can be clearly visible on the body. 

What happens during a heatwave?

During a heatwave, there is a loss of water and sodium in the body, which can lead to serious injury to the brain, kidneys, liver and muscles. Patients who have had heat stroke undergo a test ranging from their body temperature to their rectal temperature.

How to protect yourself in a heatwave

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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