Why hair starts turning white on ageing, scientists found out, can cure be found?

Why hair starts turning white on ageing, scientists found out, can cure be found?

White Hair Study: Scientists have discovered the reason due to which human hair loses its color and turns gray with age. As reported by the New York Post, a team of scientists reported that melanocyte stem cells get trapped inside the hair follicle and are unable to produce pigment. These findings were published on Wednesday in the scientific journal Nature.

For the study, scientists spent two years tracking cells in the fur of mice to determine how hair turns white and closely related to melanocyte stem cells known to control hair color. examined. He used special scans and laboratory techniques to study the cell-aging process.

melanocyte stem cell system fails

They found that the pigment-producing part of the stem cells would change as the mice aged. According to the study, the melanocyte stem cell system fails earlier than other adult stem cell populations, leading to hair graying in most people and mice.

Mayumi Ito, professor of dermatology at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine and author of this study, said that this is a really big step in understanding why our hair turns gray. He said that hair comes out from the hair follicles present in the skin and there are cells that keep the hair black. Regularly these cells keep on forming and also get destroyed. These cells are made from stem cells.

Can hair be stopped from turning white?

He explained that it is the loss of chameleon-like action in melanocyte stem cells that may be responsible for graying of hair and loss of hair colour. The researchers also suggest that if their findings hold true for people, they may find a possible way to reverse or prevent gray hair.

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