Yeh Rishta Show: Akshara reveals Abir’s secret in front of Abhimanyu, tells the story of that dreadful night

Yeh Rishta Show: Akshara reveals Abir’s secret in front of Abhimanyu, tells the story of that dreadful night

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Episodes: The track of Abir going to US is currently being shown in the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Abhi has come face to face with the truth, so now he is looking here and there to know about Akshara. But Abir does not realize his mistake. Now it is the turn of Akshara to express her anger. Actually, Akshara had buried this secret inside herself for a long time, but she now feels that the time has come to bring it out.

Akshara told the reality of that terrible night in the show

When Abhimanyu forces Akshara to tell the truth from her mouth, Akshara shakes her hand and says, ‘If you had listened to me that day, this would never have happened.’ Akshara tells Abhi that when she called Abhi, he refused to listen to a single word of Akshara. While Akshara wanted to tell him the truth that her baby is still alive and is in her womb. But before hearing this truth, Abhimanyu disconnected his call.,

Akshara said – If it had been late that night, Abir would not have been born.

Akshara gave credit to Abhinav and said that if Abhinav had not been with her that night, Abir would not have been alive. Akshara told- That night there was heavy rain and storm, suddenly I was moaning due to pain, then Abhinav carried me on his shoulder and took me to the hospital. The doctors told that if there had been a delay of even a minute, Abir would not have died.

Akshara told how she met Abhinav

Akshara also told Abhimanyu that Abhinav had helped her when she disconnected Akshara’s call that day without listening to the whole thing. Although at that time, Akshara had also given a slap receipt to Abhinav. But still Abhinav did all that a husband does for Akshara. What will happen next? Akshara has gone through so much pain, will Abhi realize this? In such a situation, will he allow Akshara, Abir and Abhinav to go to the US? This is going to be interesting to see.

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