‘China will attack us in 2027’, Taiwan’s foreign minister said amidst continuous threats

‘China will attack us in 2027’, Taiwan’s foreign minister said amidst continuous threats

China-Taiwan conflict: In the midst of continuous threats from China, Taiwan’s foreign minister has said that China can attack by 2027. Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said in an interview that he is taking the Chinese military threat seriously. He said, “We have a feeling that 2027 will be the year when we can be attacked.”

On the question of avoiding China’s attack, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu mentioned America. Joseph Wu said that only countries with the same ideology as him would be able to save Taiwan from China’s attack. Here, by ideology like his own, he meant a powerful and democratic country like America. He said that they are getting resources from western countries to strengthen their security system.

Chinese government bid – Taiwan belongs to China

Before this statement of Foreign Minister of Taiwan came, the Chinese government had said that Taiwan belongs to China. China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang said on Friday that those who are playing with fire in the case of Taiwan will burn themselves.

He further said that China would never accept anything that would play with its security and sovereignty. Recently, when the President of Taiwan went on a US tour, China was enraged.

Taiwan surrounded by 71 fighter jets and warships

Angry China had started war practice. That exercise of China lasted for 3 days. To scare Taiwan, he had even closed the airspace of northern Taiwan for some time. During the military drill of the Chinese Army, 71 fighter jets and warships of China crossed the air border of Taiwan. China had said that Taiwan should remain within our limits, should not go towards countries like America.

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