Pakistan cried on Eid… Sharif put the hungry people to sleep, poverty did not allow them to sweeten their mouths

Pakistan cried on Eid… Sharif put the hungry people to sleep, poverty did not allow them to sweeten their mouths

Pakistan Inflation: Celebrating Eid all over the world including India. People of the Muslim community congratulated each other on Eid (Eid 2023) and distributed sweets. However, in Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis, the Eid of common people remained dull. Inflation has created havoc there and the people of low income group are craving every penny. On the one hand, while smiling faces were visible on Indian TV channels during Eid celebrations in India, on the other hand, despair was seen on Pakistani channels throughout the day.

Most of the Pakistani channels continued to show shows about the political turmoil prevailing in the country regarding inflation, economic crisis and elections. There, lines were seen at the petrol pumps, apart from this, people are also wandering for ration. Let us tell you that there is a shortage of petrol-diesel and fuel at petrol pumps in Pakistan and the government has also refused to supply LPG. Now the condition of Pakistan is such that it is not even able to buy crude oil from abroad. Its foreign trade is continuously decreasing, because there is a huge shortage of dollars in its foreign exchange reserves.

Inflation graph increased by 103% in 3 months
According to Pakistani media reports, Pakistan has the highest inflation rate ever. There the graph of inflation has increased by 103% in 3 months. Due to which the inflation rate in Pakistan has crossed 48 percent.

There is a discussion among the people on social media about the prevailing inflation in Pakistan. Some people said, “How can Pakistan celebrate Eid…? The government there has not left the country worth it. Inflation has broken the records of 75 years there.”

Gas Rs 300 per kg, petrol Rs 282 per liter
Statistics show that petrol was Rs 150 per liter on Eid in 2022, which has increased by 82% to Rs 282 per liter by Eid of 2023. Similarly, diesel has also become Rs 293 per litre. The price of gas has gone up to Rs 300 per kg. On the other hand, talking about food and drink, chicken has become costlier than Rs 1,000 per kg in many cities there.

The price of ghee has gone up from Rs 2595 to Rs 3000 per kg, and the price of milk is also more than Rs 100 a litre. If you want to buy 1 kg Dalda, its price is Rs.3070 on Groserapp.

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