This private island is ready to be sold near London, you will not believe the price

This private island is ready to be sold near London, you will not believe the price

Islands: Often people look for mountains, sea or any island to spend their holidays. People like to spend holidays on the island very much. If you also like the island very much, then this news is for you only. Actually, a beautiful island near London is going to be sold. In such a situation, you can make it your destination. However, to make your home on the island, you will have to loosen your pocket.

According to media reports, Barloco, a remote and uninhabited island located on the southern coast of Scotland, is going to be sold. Its price has been fixed at $1,90,000 i.e. around Rs 1.5 crore. In such a situation, you can fulfill your dreams by spending Rs 1.5 crore. According to a CNN report, there is a large pond on the island, where animals and birds of all species come in large numbers during the winter months.

There is also a beach on the island

There is a pebble beach on Barlocco, which is very beautiful. A boat can also be kept for the pond, which will increase the pleasure of taking a walk. Along with this, the special thing is that the distance from here to the nearest city is about nine km and it takes about an hour by road to reach the nearest railway station. There are no houses or buildings on the island of Barlocco. In such a situation, the people living here will get a different kind of peace.

stay here romantic feeling

According to the report, the Galbraith Group is currently handling the responsibility of this island, Aaron Edgar, who is looking after it, said in a statement that there is a romantic feeling attached to owning a private Scottish island, where you can live your everyday life. One can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy some of the most beautiful views around. Living here is like living in a different world in itself. From here London is only 563 km and Edinburgh is 160 km away.

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