Watch: UP Police Issues Rs 1.33 Lakh Challan To Student Performing Stunts In Father’s Car

Watch: UP Police Issues Rs 1.33 Lakh Challan To Student Performing Stunts In Father’s Car

Performing stunts on public roads is dangerous and prohibited by law. However, the string of cases of people doing such stunts has a never-ending list. In a recent incident from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, a student was found performing stunts using his father’s car. The video of the stunts on public roads is being shared on social media platforms and has gone viral. Once the video went viral, many social media users raised complaints against such acts, following which UP Police took action against the owner of the car.

Taking cognizance of the incident, UP Police traced the car and owner’s details to issue a challan for violating the road safety rules. While conducting the investigation, the police department found out the vehicle had pending challans worth Rs 1.33 lakh. In addition, the police had plans to issue a challan of Rs 37,000 for the recent violations in the stunt video.

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Based on the stunt video, the Hyundai i20 owner has been issued challans for dangerous driving, violation of traffic rules, fast driving on a public road, driving without insurance, tinted glass, violation of directions given by authorities, and violation of standard in relation to To install air pollution.

The red Hyundai i20 Elite hatchback registered 15 violations in 2019 and received challans for it. The vehicle owner did not pay the fines and continued to drive the vehicle while breaking more laws. The officers took action against the driver and the vehicle as soon as the department learned about the pending challans. They impounded the car and detained the driver, Shyamveer, a local of Greater Noida’s Kambakshpur area.

In the video, the driver can be seen attempting antics with his father’s Hyundai i20 Elite premium hatchback. As per reports, the person driving the car was a minor. The authorities are currently working to suspend the car’s and driver’s registration and license in addition to putting the person under arrest and confiscating the vehicle. The police have already started the procedure.


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