When did Amritpal Singh come into limelight? Know after which incident Amritpal was tightened

When did Amritpal Singh come into limelight?  Know after which incident Amritpal was tightened

Amritpal Singh Arrested: Amritpal Singh, chief of the Waris Punjab De Sangathan, has been in headlines for the past several days. For the last 36 days, the Punjab Police was running a search operation regarding him. However, he has issued many such controversial statements in the past as well, due to which a lot of controversy has arisen. Be it Article 370 or CAA-NRC law, he has strongly opposed such decisions as well.

Not only this, despite living in Dubai, Amritpal Singh was fully participating in the ongoing farmer’s movement in India. He had even said that to take the movement to its end, the path of violence should also be adopted. His statements like these were not taking the name of stopping. These statements made his image as a pro-Khalistan fundamentalist.

When did Amritpal come in discussion

Now the question is, when and why did Amritpal come in the discussion the most. As soon as he took over as the new head of the organization ‘Waris Punjab De’, he had come on the radar of the investigative agencies. His every statement was monitored and the investigation against him was also intensified. Even he has made controversial remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gradually he became the face of anti-India forces.

When Amritpal was tightened

Earlier only Amritpal was being monitored, but the Ajnala scandal had increased his difficulties. Amritpal Singh is now known as the mastermind of the Ajnala incident. This is the same incident after which the search for Amritpal started. In fact, Amritpal Singh’s supporters had forcibly entered the Ajnala police station and were brandishing swords.

Ajnala incident was executed

Amritpal Singh had executed the Ajnala incident on 23 February 2023 i.e. exactly two months ago. The miscreants laid siege to the Ajnala police station near Amritsar and were demanding the release of one of their comrades, who was detained in a kidnapping case. The police also looked helpless seeing the swords waving in the hands of these people. 6 policemen were also injured in this accident. Since then, the Punjab Police had come on action mode to arrest Amritpal.

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