Deepika Kakkar’s sister-in-law Saba is in a lot of trouble, Shoaib gets angry on trollers after seeing sister crying

Deepika Kakkar’s sister-in-law Saba is in a lot of trouble, Shoaib gets angry on trollers after seeing sister crying

Shoaib Ibrahim Sister Saba Ibrahim Trolling: Apart from acting, TV’s popular couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar are also YouTubers, who make a lot of headlines for their vlogs. There is another person in Shoaib and Deepika’s family, who may be away from acting, but he dominates YouTube and that is Shoaib’s sister Saba Ibrahim. Saba makes vlogs related to fashion and daily routine on YouTube.

Sabah is getting trolled

There is no dearth of fans for Saba Ibrahim. He has a channel on YouTube called ‘Saba Ka Jahan’, which has 3.12 million subscribers. He is also followed by 1.6 million people on Insta. People like her a lot and shower their love on her every vlog, but there are some who call Saba bad and troll her fiercely. Saba gets very hurt by trolling. Recently, Saba broke down in tears due to trolling, then her brother Shoaib gave a befitting reply to the trollers.

Saba is unwell

Shoaib Ibrahim has shared a vlog on the occasion of Eid and showed his fans how he celebrated Eid evening. After the Eid celebration was over, Shoaib Ibrahim was talking with his family. Shoaib revealed that Saba’s health has been very bad for some time now. As soon as Shoaib tells about Saba’s health, she starts crying. Shoaib got angry at the trollers after seeing his sister crying.

Shoaib got angry on Saba’s trolling

Shoaib said, “Sometimes you say anything without thinking. Who is going through which trauma, you don’t care about all this. You just said that everything is happening like this, everything is happening like this. Unless you know about someone, don’t pass judgment about him. Think how much guilt you will have. Have a little fear of Allah. What has happened to Saba, we will tell soon. You must be feeling that I am arrogant, but I will not remain silent if something is said to my family.

Shoaib further said, “Without knowing who is going through what trouble, without thinking what effect it will have on the person in front of you. When someone is going through some disease or some problem, then that thing hits him. You keep saying anything day and night, it doesn’t matter, but when someone is going through something and when people start speaking such things on him, it hits a little bit.

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