Why did Twitter bring back the blue tick? Very few people understood Musk’s ‘mastermind’ plan

Why did Twitter bring back the blue tick?  Very few people understood Musk’s ‘mastermind’ plan

Twitter Updates: Ever since Musk took over as the new owner of Twitter, things have not been the same. The billionaire has made many major changes in the micro-blogging platform. Recently, Musk removed the blue tick from all accounts that were not subscribed to Twitter Blue. Before Musk’s takeover of Twitter, blue ticks were only available to people who fit Twitter’s certain criteria. But now, anyone can buy a Blue Tick by paying a monthly fee of $8. The price of Twitter Blue subscription in India is Rs 650 for web and Rs 900 for mobile. At the same time, the payment structure is different for companies.

Legacy Blue Tick disappeared on April 20

The matter of removing the first legacy blue tick came to the fore on 1 April. It was being said that everyone’s blue ticks would disappear from April 1. However, this did not happen. On April 20, almost all legacy accounts lost their blue ticks. But shortly after this, Musk started returning blue ticks to those accounts which had more than one million followers.

Why did Musk return the Blue Tick?

Musk returned the blue ticks of almost all accounts with more than 1 million followers. Now there can be two reasons for this – first, people are not willing to buy blue ticks and second, the Block the Blue campaign, which has caught the attention of many people in the last few days.

people are refusing to buy blue tick

Elon Musk probably hoped that forcing people to subscribe to Twitter Blue would be a way to increase the company’s revenue. However, on removing the blue tick, it was found that those who had the legacy blue tick were not willing to pay to retain the check mark. According to a report in The Guardian, only 28 accounts signed up for Twitter Blue after the legacy blue ticks were removed. The Guardian report states that less than 5 percent of accounts with the legacy blue tick have subscribed to Twitter Blue.

News Reels

Many big accounts refused to take the blue tick, then Musk returned the blue tick to the account with 1 million. Perhaps they are using it to entice people to subscribe to Twitter Blue. If celebrities have blue ticks, other people can also buy blue ticks.

block the blue campaign

If you’ve used Twitter in the past few days, you might have come across the ‘Block the Blue’ hashtag. The entire campaign revolves around blocking Twitter users with blue ticks. It all started when the legacy verified account lost its blue tick on April 20. People used to say that only those who give money have blue ticks, and those who had blue ticks were called fools. Now that accounts with more than 1 million followers have got their blue tick back without paying a single penny, it can now be concluded that not every account that has a tick mark is a Twitter blue subscriber.

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