Fighting on a minor issue in Etah, the young man hanged himself on a tree, the police preserved the forgotten

Fighting on a minor issue in Etah, the young man hanged himself on a tree, the police preserved the forgotten

Etah News: Such a case has come to the fore in Etah district, on hearing which everyone is shocked. There was a fight between the two parties over a trivial matter here. After this, a young man committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree. Since then there is silence in the village. In Mihuta village of Aliganj police station area of ​​Etah district, the boys working with him asked a young man for wheat harvesting sweets. On this, telling about the lack of money, he said that he will feed tomorrow. There was a dispute about this thing. During this the boys beat him up. Being angry with this, the young man climbed a tree and hanged himself. Later the villagers removed his dead body.

Mother lodged FIR
In this case, Morkali, the mother of the deceased, has lodged an FIR against three people, Tinku, Kanhaiya and Amar Dayal, under sections 306, 223, 504 of the IPC in Aliganj police station. It has been told that on the night of April 23, Morkali’s 22-year-old son Raju along with his companions Tinku, Dheer Singh, Shyam Babu, Vimla and Bhure was threshing wheat with a thresher.

Know what is the whole matter
It is said that during this time the accused asked Raju for the sweets of wheat harvesting. Raju said that I do not have money, I will feed you tomorrow. It is alleged that the accused thrashed Raju over this. Touched by just this, Raju went to the farm and climbed a tree and hanged himself with his shirt. Raju’s wife and mother ran after him, but by then he had hanged himself. After this, the people who reached there brought him down from the tree. In this whole case, an FIR has been lodged against Tinku, Kanhaiya and Amar Dayal in Aliganj Kotwali by Morkali, the mother of the deceased.

Know what SSP said
In this case, Etah’s SSP Uday Shankar Singh told that Raju and his friends used to do the work of harvesting each other’s crops. When Raju got Tinku’s crop harvested, Tinku fed sweets to Raju. That’s why when Raju’s crop was harvested and wheat was extracted, Tinku asked Raju for sweets. Raju had refused to feed sweets for not having money. Angered by this, Tinku and his two other companions beat up Raju. On this, Raju committed suicide by hanging himself by climbing a tree. The remains of the youth have been preserved. The matter is being investigated in depth. Arrest will be made in this matter only after investigation.

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