Hansal Mehta lashes out at Twitter user for comparing box office collections

Hansal Mehta lashes out at Twitter user for comparing box office collections

Hansal Mehta Tweet: Hansal Mehta is a well-known director of the film industry. He has made excellent films and web series like Shahid, Aligarh and Scam 1992. Now recently, he has lashed out at a user who raised questions on the box office collection of films. He said that the collection of any film is personal. The collection of a bad film can be very good and a good film can be very bad, so stop judging films by the number of ticket counters.

Hansal Mehta lashed out at Twitter user
A Twitter user compared the box office collection shared by the film director and the collection shared by the trade analyst. Sharing this, Hansal Mehta wrote, ‘The box office of a film is not anyone’s business. It only impacts the people involved in the film in different ways. Which is completely private.

‘Ignore the film’s collection’ – Hansal Mehta
He further wrote, ‘Stop judging films by B-O (box office) numbers. Very bad movies sometimes make a lot of money and good movies make less money. Focus on your experience of the movie as a viewer and not on the collections of the movie, focus on whether the movie was worth your ticket price or not, not on whether the movie star should be priced less or not. ‘

‘Aapka Business Se Kya Lena Dena’ – Hansal Mehta
After this tweet, when a Twitter user told Hansal Mehta that films are made to earn money, Hansal Mehta replied, ‘Do you watch films to earn money??? Then what has to do with the business of your film?

Please tell that Hansal Mehta is known for making hard hitting films. He has directed about 15 films in his career, while he has also written some films.

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