Indore Accident: Uncontrollable container suddenly entered houses late at night, trampled 5 houses, killed one!

Indore Accident: Uncontrollable container suddenly entered houses late at night, trampled 5 houses, killed one!

Indore Accident News: In Madhya Pradesh’s financial capital Indore, a 50-year-old man lost his life in a horrific road accident once again. At the same time, the houses of 6 families were completely destroyed. Some people have been seriously injured in the accident, who have been admitted to MY Hospital for treatment. At the same time, the police is looking for the truck driver by registering a case against the truck driver under various sections.

In fact, the whole incident is of Devguradia located on Nemawar Road of Khudel police station area of ​​Indore late on Monday night, where a container went uncontrolled and entered 6 houses. Due to this a 50 year old man sleeping outside the house died. However, it was a matter of gratitude that the rest of the people were sleeping in the house, due to which he was slightly injured. An atmosphere of chaos was created in the area due to the sudden entry of the container. As soon as the container entered the house, the walls started collapsing, due to which many people were injured.

This accident happened at 2 o’clock in the night.
According to the Khudel police, the incident took place last night around 2.00 am, when the deceased Shankarlal (who was a driver by profession) was staying outside the house. He died on the spot after being hit by the truck. At the same time, along with children Gopal, Shravan and Pratiksha, the deceased’s brother Narendra and his children were also seriously injured in the accident. All have been sent to MY Hospital for treatment.

Investigation has revealed that the driver of the container was in an inebriated state, who could not control the truck. Due to this this terrible accident has happened. At the same time, the driver has fled from the spot after the incident and his search is on.

Such an incident has happened before
It is worth mentioning that in the past, four drivers running at a blinding speed had hit more than 10 people, in which 3 people died on the spot. At the same time, 7 people were seriously injured.

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