Meta Fired 30-Week Pregnant Employee; Check What Happened Next

Meta Fired 30-Week Pregnant Employee;  Check What Happened Next

New Delhi: Tech behemoths like Google, Meta, and Amazon have fired thousands of workers over the past few months. And there are several accounts on social media of individuals who were affected by the current round of layoffs. Now, being let go from a job is typically a very trying time for everyone.

However, the news of your layoff can be considerably more upsetting if you are expecting a child and have other obligations. Similar circumstances occurred with a former Meta employee, who shared her layoff tale on LinkedIn and explained how she was let off from the company at 30 weeks pregnant. (Also Read: SBI FD vs Post Office Fixed Deposits: Which One Should You Choose?)

The woman continued to show up for job interviews up until a week before the birth of her first child since she was in desperate need of a job. (Also Read: Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries Fired: Check List Of 10 CEOs Of IT Giants Who Were Laid Off)

According to her LinkedIn page, Marnie Thao Nguyen had been employed by Meta since 2021 and was let go in 2023. She learned about the layoffs while on maternity leave.

She couldn’t afford to lose her job at that time, though, as she was on an H1B visa and was responsible for a family. As a result, she started looking for a job as soon as she learned she was being laid off and continued to attend interviews up until a week before giving birth.

A week after her child was born, she continued looking for work while still juggling the challenges of being a new mother.

According to the former Meta executive’s LinkedIn profile, “I was laid off by Meta along with my entire staff at 30 weeks pregnant with my first child. I was doing well and loving my career, so this news really caught me off guard.

As I am ready to welcome my daughter, the upcoming ten weeks were meant to be the most thrilling and priceless. Instead, I nervously spent my days and nights looking for a job, stressed about keeping my employment status as an immigrant worker, caring for my health, and learning how to be a new mother.

I didn’t have the luxury of time because I am an H1B employee. I pushed myself to interview up to a week before giving birth because I had a growing family who depended on me, only for offers to be withdrawn because of the rapidly shifting business needs in IT.

I resumed my job hunt and interviewing a week after giving birth, all the while tending to my newborn and recovering from childbirth.

She continued, “Today, as my baby turns 3 months old, I am proud to start with Cisco and become a working mum. I can’t wait to start my next stint.” I’m joining a group of knowledgeable and skilled coworkers who have already demonstrated empathy, trust, confidence, and honesty throughout this challenging process.

I’m looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life with a group and organization that values ​​and supports its people.


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