Pakhi takes a big step to unite Anupama and Anuj, parrots will fly away

Pakhi takes a big step to unite Anupama and Anuj, parrots will fly away

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: TV’s number one daily soap ‘Anupama’ is witnessing twists every day. Anupama and Anuj Kapadia were about to meet for the first time after their separation. However, Barkha poisoned Anuj’s mind so much that he did not dare to meet Anupama. In today’s episode, it will be shown that Anupama waits to meet Anuj, but Anuj leaves from there.

Anupama teaches a lesson to Barkha

In today’s episode, it was shown that Anupama comes to the office and Barkha does not allow her to meet Anuj. She impresses Anupama and asks her to sign. On this, Anupama shows his status by calling him a watchman. She says that she is still the owner of this empire and the one who is bigger in rank than her, she is not talked to by Rob. Then Barkha requests him.

Anupama caught Barkha’s lie

Anupama decides to sign after reading all the papers. Barkha gets annoyed as to why Anupama is reading the papers. However, Anupama clearly says that no paper should be signed without reading it, says Anuj. She insists on meeting Ankush as well. Barkha says that she is busy, meanwhile Anu taunts again and says that she still has a lot of time. She repeatedly looks for Anuj, meanwhile Barkha says that Anuj has left. However, Anupama realizes that Anuj is in the cabin.

Anuj will never meet Anupama again

On the other hand, Ankush tries his best to convince Anuj. He tells Anuj to go to Anupama and explains that only she can fix their relationship. When Anuj does not go to Anupama, Ankush brings Anupama to him. After opening the cabin, Anupama does not find Anuj and breaks down, but does not lose hope. She says that Anuj went to her house today, one day he will definitely come to meet her. At the same time, Anuj is so remorseful for his mistakes that he has decided not to meet Anupama ever again.

Pakhi will take a big step

In the latest promo it was shown that Anupama’s daughter Pakhi has gone to Mumbai to meet Anuj. She talks about Anuj and Anupama on the phone call. The parrots of Maya standing nearby fly away. Now it has to be seen whether this plan of Pakhi works or not.

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