What to do with curdled milk? Don’t throw it away, make these 4 tasty things immediately! learn to make here

What to do with curdled milk?  Don’t throw it away, make these 4 tasty things immediately!  learn to make here

Sour Milk: It is a big task to save food from spoilage in the summer season. Because the food spoils quickly due to excessive heat. The same problem is also seen with milk. No matter how much it is saved, it often explodes. Some people often throw away spoiled milk considering it useless. However, those people who know how to make different things from curdled milk, they are not much worried about curdled milk. Because they know that they will not let it go to waste. Let us know what you can do with curdled milk.

Make these tasty things from curdled milk

1. Eat Chena

Do you know that you can make a delicious dessert with curdled milk. Yes and that delicious dessert is chhena. You need sugar and lemon juice to make chhena sweets from curdled milk. Mix lemon juice in curdled milk and curdle it well. Then filter the milk water and add sugar to the solid substance and eat it after relishing it.

2. Make bhurji by mixing it with onions and chillies

Make paneer from curdled milk. Then make a tasty bhurji by adding onions and chillies to it. This bhurji can be eaten with roti as well as paratha. Bhurji made from curdled milk is rich in protein.

3. Make Paratha

You can also make paneer parathas with curdled milk. First of all, you have to take out paneer from curdled milk. Then mix chilli and onion in it and make paneer parathas. You can eat these parathas for breakfast and can also pack them for lunch.

4. Make Bread Sandwiches

You can use curdled milk in the stuffing done on bread sandwich. By making paneer from curdled milk, you can use it in the stuffing of bread sandwich. It is very tasty to eat and will also keep you energized.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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