Writer accuses former US President Donald Trump of rape, what did the lawyer answer?

Writer accuses former US President Donald Trump of rape, what did the lawyer answer?

Donald Trump- E. Jean Carroll Trial: Former US President Donald Trump is again getting into trouble. The case is going on against him on the charges of having relation with porn star Stormy Daniels and giving him money, while now a writer has filed a case against him alleging rape. Trump has responded to the allegations through his lawyer.

According to media reports, a defamation case was filed against Trump on behalf of American journalist and writer (columnist) Elizabeth Jean Carroll. Apart from this, she filed a complaint that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in the changing room. Jean Carroll also mentioned Trump in his book. Wrote in the book that Trump grabbed her in the dressing room of a Manhattan luxury department store in 1995 or 1996 and started coercing her. He felt a lot of pain and pain due to the misdeeds done by Trump. After that she was also mentally disturbed. Punitive action should be taken against Trump now.

Trump said on the allegation of rape – she was not my type
Trump is also responding to Jean Carroll’s serious allegations. Trump previously said of Jean Carroll, “She was not my type.” In addition, Trump said in a statement, “Carroll completely fabricated a story that I met her at the door of a crowded New York City department store. .and, rendered him unconscious within minutes. This is just a hoax and a lie, just like the other fabricated allegations made against me in the last seven years.” Several months after Trump’s statement, the matter reached the court, where now Trump’s lawyer has made scathing comments on the accuser, Jean Carroll.

The lawyer said – need money and fame…
Trump’s lawyer has argued at the start of long-awaited court proceedings that Jean Carroll is doing it all to get more “money and fame”. At the same time, many law experts say that the nature of the case against Trump is not criminal, but this case has come at a time when Donald Trump is facing legal challenges, which will prevent him from participating in the 2024 presidential election. That can spoil their intentions.

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