Top 10 Worst Teen Movies of All Time


They can’t all be box office gold! For this list, we’ll be looking at films aimed at a teenage audience that were just plain awful. Our countdown includes “Beastly”, “Twelve”, “From Justin to Kelly” and more! Which of these teen movies should never have seen the light of day? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I haven't watched Mean Girls 2 in years, but I actually used to like it. It just doesn't work as a sequel for Mean Girls. I feel like it would've gotten a lot less hate if they had just called it something else and treated it as its own thing.

  2. I once saw an interview with Hal Sparks, who was in Dude, Where's My Car?, where he just laughed at people calling it a bad movie. He essentially said, "Of course it's a bad movie! It's called Dude, Where's My Car?! You think I signed up for a movie with that title thinking it was going to win an Oscar?"

  3. Dude where's my car is one of the best movies off the last 30 years… wtf is wrong with yall… seriously Ashton Kutchers best work… screw the quantum transfunctioner? How does this channel have a single subscriber… just terrible. Dude where's my car = Oscar

  4. I did not know there was a sequel to mean girls or cruel intentions 😟 and how I see why! Just terrible. Brooke Shields used a body double in “endless love” not in “the blue logoon” unfortunately. AND BTW white chicks was a great movie where men dressed as women sorry not sorry!

  5. I actually really enjoyed Mean Girls 2. I get that it’s not as innovative and witty as the original, but I thought the acting and character development was very real and absorbing. Particularly Meaghan Martin’s.

  6. Pretty much every teen movie made in the 1970s and 1980s should be on this list… All the guys did was try to snag the girl they wanted, did a LOT of things that nowadays would see them getting slapped with sexual assault cases and a lot more. "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Hot Bubblegum" are two that come to mind. Both were horrid.

  7. While ‘The Covenant’ is pretty bad and Sebastian, Taylor, Chase and company deserved much better, ‘Mean Girls 2’ was much worse and an unnecessary insult to the OG ‘Mean Girls.’

  8. White chicks is a classic!! Anything the Wayne’s brothers did was I’m gonna chock this up to white woman with no taste – that’s one of the most absolute hilarious films ever it’s constantly quoted.

  9. Blue Lagoon was enjoyable as a teenager. The island, the beach, the beautiful water…and the way everything, sexuality included, was just kind of free and innocent and unpolluted by peer pressure. Felt like a nice escape. Never took the time to quantify if the movie was actually good, or not…just enjoyed it.

  10. I'm in complete agreement with one exception. Beastly was a fun guilty pleasure despite a plot that was as thin as toilet paper and an obvious ending. But the dad getting his own punishment at the end and the modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast makes it just not bad enough for me to like it.

  11. I have seen every one of these f**** movies except for beastly 12 dude Where's My car in from Justin to Kelly and I disagree with all of you these movies are fuckingawesome

  12. The fact that y’all mentioned white chicks as lame means I don’t trust anything about this list. Seems like y’all bash movies that would be offensive nowadays sometimes


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