Forgotten Malayalam Movies S05 E01 | Hai | Malayalam Movie Review Funny | Riyaz Khan | Mafia Sasi


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Forgotten Malayalam Movies is a movie review series where we review some of the greatest (read : worst) movies in malayalam.

This week’s movie is ermmm…called….eerr…Hai. Hai received the SIIMA Filmfare award for the most innovative movie name of the year(2005). Starring Riyaz Ikka and Truptha, this movie discusses the highly unrelatable topic of how ships can destroy friendships. Watch this review to find out how Ikka manages to woo a girl, stop a moving car and destroy the Mafia!

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  1. Baalettan and mumbai police pole thenne nalla acting ayrnu (chilappol athinu mele ahn enn thoneett ind aalavandhaan enna movie yil riyas khan te acting …athyavisho nalla characters kodukandeth ayrnu pala actors arhicha importance kodtitla…Swetha menon… malayalathil ithinide lady version ahn thoneet und rand perum underrated ahn but Swetha kurch kude Nala roles kittiyitund …2 state award❤

  2. How dare u
    When Captain America stops a helicopter from lift off its mass 🔥🔥
    But when king khan stops a car it's funny 🤣🤣 why this disparity

  3. മാഫിയ ശശി വിതയ്ക്കാറില്ല, കൊയ്യാറില്ല… എവിടൊന്നോ വന്ന് എങ്ങോട്ടൊ പോകും 🤣


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