Fox News braces: Tucker Carlson ready to ‘torch’ network after firing


Axios reports on outlets wooing Tucker Carlson to compete with Fox News. The reporting coming as Carlson was fired after a case over lies — that Fox settled for a record $787 million. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports.  
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  1. Vacancy: We seek a despicable and unscrupulous lie peddler and conspiracy theorist to influence gullible conservatives. Lucrative package. We seek someone who has a proven dumb fan base. Renunciation linked to proven and verifiable viewership record.

  2. 😂😂😂MSNBC talking about fallout at another network. Morons.

    Hey, y’all. Whatever it is, I won’t be watching it on Fox ever again. I’ll be watching it on Tucker’s new show. Cable news completely sucks. Buh-bye.

  3. Now he bites the hand that fed him. When is enough, enough, 20 MILLION to stay home, Swanson Food heir and yet he fights to continue to spread lies, misinformation and propaganda.

  4. Tucker’s NOT a “dangerous” power player. He’s a spoiled rich preppie and mamma’s boy who’s terrified of the real world, including most of the American people outside his little bubble of comfort.

    He needs the Proud Boys and their AR-15s, etc. to fight off all those “bad” people. If he was ever in a real fight, it was with a girl. And he lost.

  5. This would be a good time to have Murdoch's citizenship revoked (if he is) and show him the boot home permanently. Then we could offer Australia $ to take all the Deplorables that are treasonous, banned forever to their new penal colony home. Especially those that hold seats in Government…

  6. After the global war that defeats the the American Authoritarian Christofascist Reich, I wonder what the new constitution the survivors create will include to prevent these pigs from getting any power at all ever again during the post-war reconstruction.

  7. Wow talk about only giving part of the information and slanting it towards your side absolutely ridiculous that anybody on this network canker can critique another journalist

  8. That's okay they can hire him let him cause all kinds court financial problems for the next so called news show. Maybe he can bankrupt all the idiots.

  9. Tucker Carson saving our democracy and free speech along with Elon Musk. Go get them Tucker. First it's Bud Light and now it's Fox news.
    We need to see the rest of those January 6th videos that exonerate many of those protester who are being jailed unfairly.


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