Ukraine: Zelenskyy outlines planned course on counterattack | DW News


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his country needs more time to prepare for an anticipated counteroffensive against occupying Russian forces.

In an interview on Thursday with public service broadcasters that are members of the Eurovision News exchange, Zelenskyy said the military is still waiting on certain equipment like armored vehicles.

“With [what we have] we can go forward and be successful,” Zelenskyy said. “But we’d lose a lot of people. I think that’s unacceptable. So we need to wait. We still need a bit more time.”

Ukraine has reportedly been gearing up for a counteroffensive for months.

Officials in Kyiv have tried to lower expectations about the operation in recent weeks.


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  1. Wow no one expected this at the beginning… This didn't turn out well for Russia unless they have a trick up their sleeve. Looks like Russia didnt expect such a push back from NATO

  2. Well done UK on giving Ukraine long range missiles.
    This is great news. But it should have been kept highly secret.

    Telegraphing it to Russia though will only give Russia the heads up to move their weapons, ammo and equpment out of range.

    Get the missles to Ukraine ASAP and all other countries need to follow suit and supply Ukraine with long range weapons (NOW)

    Well done UK, only country with any balls.

  3. I thought Ukraine was still in backmut, why the western press talk about near backmut, that means Ukraine has been kicked out in backmut already.

  4. What the media MUST remember is that Ukraine NEVER said there would be a spring offensive-NEVER! That was all the western media. We have always known there was going to be an offensive but Ukraine never said Spring. All they said is that the soil needed to be totally dry!

  5. When the reporters on DW say Ukraine, they really mean NATO. Zelenskyy is a NATO puppet. NATO is sacrificing the people and country of Ukraine to destroy Russia. This terrible war may soon spread to Europe and Russia because of NATO members like the UK and Germany who continue feeding the fire and the US who continues leading and financing the fight. Brace yourselves for nuclear war, WW3.

  6. Doubts are creeping into the western narrative. When their chief vassal Zelensky says he needs more time after speaking tall, it goes to show the state of actual affairs. The Ukrainians expect to make minor gains and the Russians will beat it off. After that the west will say no more arms this year, wait till the next budget year. But the problem is the Russians will not wait, they will engage in hot pursuit.

  7. Take a good look at this old lady, thats what putin has done, i hope all putin's drones who love to comment on the glory of russia are proud of themselves 😢

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  9. Hello, commander-in-chief. 🙂 everyone is ready for the order 🙂 I put smiles just to make our days a bit brighter for today. With all due massive respect, give the command when the time is right. do give this command eventually, the troops are hungry for russian blood

  10. No no they never ready but only wen they start screaming for more weapons criying like babys waiting for the bottle of milk, that zelensky, were is he now ITALY crying for more weapons then they waist them shooting no body , right ?


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