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MENDING THE LINE | Official Trailer

MENDING THE LINE | Official Trailer

Coming to US theaters June 9th!

Mending the Line is a story about finding something to make living worthwhile. John Colter, a wounded veteran, returns to the States still carrying the demons of war, hauntingly disturbed by the everyday expectations of friendships and love interests. In Livingston, Montana, he meets Ike, a surly, headstrong fly-fisherman more than twice his age, and Lucy, a talented photographer turned librarian who reads aloud to veterans, both damaged in their own way. While getting treatment for his wounds, both physical and psychological, Colter wants only to re-enlist, to have something to die for. But the real challenge is finding something to live for.

Directed by: Joshua Caldwell

Produced by: Kelly McKendry, Scott MacLeod, Carl Effenson, Joshua Caldwell, Stephen Camelio

Written by: Stephen Camelio

Cast: Brian Cox (Succession, Good Omens, Separation), Sinqua Walls (Friday Night Lights, Nanny, White Men Can’t Jump, The Blackening), Perry Mattfeld (In the Dark, and Shameless), Chris Galust, (Give Me Liberty), with Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle), and Wes Studi (Soul, Hostiles, A Million Ways to Die in the West)


  1. Never seen this movie but this is how it’s gonna go down: Young Veteran has ptsd. Normal VA programs don’t work for him, someone recommends fly fishing. Older Veteran has medical problem that makes it dangerous to fly fish alone, something that has helped him with his own ptsd. They meet, and what do you know, they don’t get along right away. Young Vet learns how to cope with his ptsd from Old Vet, who has self revelations of his own. Young Vet falls in love with local woman who just wants to help. Old Vet’s medical history catches up with him. Old and Young Vet have heartfelt deathbed moment. Old Vet dies. Wahhhhhh. Young Vet marries girl.
    When the movie comes out someone let me know how I did.


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