Home News Video Hailey’s On It! – Check In For The Team – Trailer

Hailey’s On It! – Check In For The Team – Trailer

Hailey’s On It! – Check In For The Team – Trailer

Hailey is the only one who can save the world! Luckily she has a great support system! The Professor; a big deal in the future, Scott; just a friend, and Beta; screaming phone!📔✅🌴

Hailey’s On It! Premieres Thursday June 8th at 8:00PM EST only on Disney Channel ,Streaming Next Day only on Disney+



  1. Yeah, we got Hailey, Scott, Beta and The Professor as a team for "Hailey's On It!" And one thing that I know, that we all know, is that every hero needs a team! 🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤

  2. I know the show hasn’t premiered yet, but I’m starting to see a theory for the entire overall concept of the show. Which is this, first off, the purple haired lady from the future, is actually Hailey from the future. Second, I also suspect that, the “save the future by completing a weird bucket list” is really just an excuse to get present day Hailey into going through the whole ordeal, assuming she has no choice. Where the actual truth is, Adult Hailey has grown up to be alone, bitter, friendless, unaccomplished, unfulfilled, and dead inside. So Adult Hailey decided to go back make her younger self (present day Hailey) to do her bucket list for her and made up the whole “future in peril” schtick, to get present day Hailey to go through it, no questions asked. As for the robots that attack Hailey, they’re adult Hailey’s own creation to spy on present Hailey, so she can complete the list. Beta, the robot sent to also check on Hailey progress on completing the list, is also in on the conspiracy, but is program to never tell Present Hailey the truth. I thought about it because think it. If the future is in peril, why would a time traveller ask to aid the of a random timid socially awkward tween girl from the 21 century to save it, and how does completing a weird bucket list have anything to do with saving the future? Unless… the whole thing was all a lie, so that Adult Hailey can make up for wasting both her youth and her life for nothing. What do you think about that?

  3. Well golly gee, I sure to wonder if those two characters are gonna be a couple at some point in the show. I mean they just make it so subtle.

    (Show looks fine but I’m not on the edge of my seat to watch it. We’ll see where it goes) and The phone in the teddy bear is pretty clever ngl.


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