‘…then we will agitate across the state’, said Sachin Pilot, will the Congress be hit hard by ignoring it?

‘…then we will agitate across the state’, said Sachin Pilot, will the Congress be hit hard by ignoring it?

Sachin Pilot And Ashok Gehlot Row: In the Karnataka assembly elections, the Congress has won the election by performing brilliantly. Now there is a tussle going on inside the party regarding the CM. On the other hand, in Rajasthan where elections are to be held after 5 months, the tension of the Congress has increased. Seeing the mood of Sachin Pilot, it does not seem that he is going to accept easily. His pad yatra that started from Ajmer ended in Jaipur but his attitude is the same.

Sachin Pilot has opened a front against the leader of his own party and the Chief Minister of the state, Ashok Gehlot, and if this situation continues, then it may become difficult for the party in the elections. In the year 2018, when Sachin Pilot was the president of the party, the Congress came to power under his leadership, but Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister, then Pilot had to settle for the post of Deputy CM, but in 2020, Pilot openly rebelled. Now he has said that if things are not accepted then he will agitate.

What did Sachin Pilot say?

Sachin Pilot said, “Our struggle is not against any leader. It is against corruption. Where is this policy to defame the people of your party and praise the people of BJP. The purpose of this Jan Sangharsh Yatra of mine is to investigate corruption. What situation arose, what events happened that we had to take out the journey. In the year 2013, we were left with only 21 seats. Then I was made the president. We fought a lot till the year 2018.

On the other hand, Minister of State in the Ashok Gehlot government, Rajendra Singh Gudha says, “The alignment of our government has gone wrong. The government has fulfilled all the standards of corruption that have happened in the country. He said that the government here has gone even ahead of the 40 percent corruption government of BJP in Karnataka.

Will ignoring the pilot be heavy?

To understand why Pilot’s neglect can be a huge blow to the Congress, it is also necessary to understand the caste arithmetic of the state’s politics. In Rajasthan, upper castes are 19 percent, OBC 40 percent, SC 18 percent, ST 14 percent and Muslims 9 percent. The politics of the state is mainly dominated by 4 castes and then the equation of these castes turns the state elections into victory and defeat every five years.

Which are those 4 castes?

The four castes on which the politics of Rajasthan rests are Jats who constitute 9 percent, Meenas who constitute 7 percent, Rajputs who constitute 6 percent and Gurjars who constitute 5 percent. Most of the MLAs come from these castes after winning and these castes have the power to win and lose in their respective areas. Sachin Pilot comes from Gurjar community. Before the political rise of Sachin Pilot in the state politics, the BJP had a hold on the vote bank of this caste, but in 2018, Sachin Pilot made a dent in this vote bank while being the state president and the Congress came to power.

Then it was believed that the Congress could make Sachin Pilot the CM, but this did not happen and this pain keeps on rising in Sachin’s chest. Not only this, CM Gehlot also keeps beating the wounds of the pilot with his statements.

Similar story of Karnataka and Rajasthan?

More or less the story of Karnataka and Rajasthan also looks similar. In Karnataka too, swords are drawn between former CM Siddaramaiah and State President Deke Shivakumar. Just like Gehlot and Sachin Pilot are standing against each other in Rajasthan. However, before the elections in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi united Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar.

After this the results are in front of everyone. Congress has come to power in Karnataka. It is a different matter that now again both are in front of each other. At the same time, if the Congress has to win the elections in Rajasthan, then Pilot and Gehlot will have to go along. Otherwise, BJP is already sitting with closed eyes.

Elections to be held at the end of this year

Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan at the end of this year. Every five years, the custom of changing power in the state is going on. If the Congress is unable to manage the party, then no one will be able to stop the tradition from continuing. If there is a tussle in the Congress, on the other hand, the BJP has started preparing its strategy to win the elections.

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