Home News Video Ukraine War: Why did Zelenskyy visit the UK? – Analysis

Ukraine War: Why did Zelenskyy visit the UK? – Analysis

Ukraine War: Why did Zelenskyy visit the UK? – Analysis

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been pushing for fighter jets during his meeting with Rishi Sunak, but there seems to be some disagreement among allies as to whether they should be supplied, says security analyst Professor Michael Clarke.

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  1. Vibaro sees the Brits are confident partners…Storm Shadow could be a game changer … can't wait to see it in action."Jolly good show". 🇺🇸👏🇺🇦🦸……..🇬🇧👏👏

  2. As a side note: China watches the world rally around Ukraine, as nation after nation delivers more, and more, and more; and more powerful weapons all the time; and now, the threat of more and more sanctions. This scares China. Good.

  3. We (the Americans) need to destroy as many lives as possible to stay on top.

    With only 4.5 million (estimated) dead from our post-9/11 wars.

    We can do much better!

  4. Biden will not even cough up the old Soviet era 21 Mig-29's the US owns and still has not delivered the measly 31 Abrams promised out of the 3450 Abrams in mothballs. Biden is just giving enough to keep Ukraine from losing but not enough to win, meanwhile people are dying. Biden is a worthless coward.

  5. I think at this point Russia should just declare war on the UK it's pretty clear what our roll in the Ukraine war is – we are combatants via proxy. 2 years ago nobody knew who zelenskyy was, no body knew the colours of the Ukrainian flag and quite frankly nobody gave a care in the world about the people of Ukraine, out rolls the media and these so called "analysts" who are briefed daily by N.A.T.O about what to include in their analysis.


  6. Why did Zelensky visit the Uk? The guy is homeless. He is asking the maharaja if he can stay in a little house or if he can smuggle him inside an elephant back to Ukraine.

  7. Cant afford rent.
    Cant afford energy bills.
    Cant afford food.
    Struggling with long covid.
    Want a pandemic enquiry not foreign wars for the US empire.
    No wonder the British people gave such a kicking to the Tories in the local elections. If Labour werent such a sorry, open borders party they might even be electable at the next General election.

  8. Go pile some more weapons to Ukraine so they can get blown up too…show videos of F-16s that will make for the Ukraine offensive that has been called off….give the poor masses some hope that democracy and all thats decent in the world wont die in Ukraine…..🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


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