At the book launch, Shahrukh Khan misquoted Gauri Khan’s age, wife interrupted, then…

At the book launch, Shahrukh Khan misquoted Gauri Khan’s age, wife interrupted, then…

Shahrukh Khan at Gauri Khan’s Book Launch: Gauri Khan has written a book on interior designing. Recently it was launched. Shahrukh Khan specially participated in this event and he made many revelations about Gauri. Shah Rukh told how Gauri made her career without taking his help. Although Shah Rukh also offered to help her, Gauri built her career without taking his help. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh gave Gauri’s age wrong. Which Gauri corrected by correcting.

Gauri corrects Shahrukh’s mistake
Shahrukh Khan was giving a speech on the stage. Meanwhile, he said, ‘I think Gauri started in the mid 40s.’ Then as soon as Shahrukh looked at Gauri, he corrected it and told that he started at the age of 40.

Gauri started her career from a small shop
Correcting his mistake, Shahrukh further said, ’40? Oh, only 40. She’s 37 now. In our family we move backwards. So yes at the age of 40 he started doing this when I also said to him listen, may I help you? I have some friends we can talk to? He said no’ He started with a 10/20 feet shop in Lower Parel. She did all this on her own and she kept doing what she does.

Designer’s lunch cost more than one month’s salary
Talking about Mannat, Shah Rukh said, ‘We (Mannat) were successful in buying. But, then we did not have the money to give it. We called a designer and the lunch he served us was telling us how he would design this house. This lunch was much more than the salary that I used to earn in a month. So, we thought ‘we’ve bought this, how do we design this house?’

Unseen pictures of Shahrukh’s family are in the book
Gauri Khan revealed in this event that this book has the story of her becoming a designer. Also, many unseen pictures of his family which people have never seen.

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