How much challenge will Netflix and Amazon Prime get from Jio Cinema, see plans of all three

How much challenge will Netflix and Amazon Prime get from Jio Cinema, see plans of all three

Mukesh Ambani has established dominance in the market ranging from telecom to retail. Now his company has entered the field of OTT with great preparation. Jio Cinema has recently launched its annual premium plan, which is set to challenge big OTT players like the already established Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar. Could.

IPL started with a bang

Mukesh Ambani’s company has already got a base of crores of customers due to IPL 2023. After buying the digital broadcast rights of IPL, Jio Cinema gave cricket lovers across the country the benefit of watching IPL matches for free. With this, the company was successful in adding crores of viewers to its platform in one stroke. Now the company is trying to convert this large base into loyal customers who can pay for its premium plans.

Whose plan is the cheapest?

Let us see to what extent Jio Cinema can compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar etc. First thing about the plan. The annual premium plan of Jio Cinema is Rs 999. On the other hand, the annual plan of Amazon Prime is Rs 1,499. Disney Hotstar’s premium plan is also Rs 1,499, while the super plan with commercials is Rs 899. Netflix does not have any annual subscription plan. In this way, according to the value, Jio Cinema has an edge because its plan is the cheapest.

This is where Netflix falls behind

If you look at the plans available in the Indian market of Netflix, its cheapest plan is Rs 149 per month. This is the only mobile supported plan and on an annual basis, it also sits at Rs 1,788, which means that not only Jio Cinema is the most expensive compared to premium plans but also of all other competitors. Its other plans include Basic Monthly Plan of Rs 199, Standard Monthly Plan of Rs 499 and Premium Monthly Plan of Rs 649. On the other hand, the monthly plan of Amazon Prime is Rs 299, which is very expensive on an annual basis.

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Whose features are the best?

There are some special things with the premium plan of Jio Cinema. You can watch content on any device like smartphone, tablet, TV by taking this plan. It allows simultaneous viewing on up to 4 devices and offers 4K resolution. For these features on Netflix, you will have to take a monthly premium plan of Rs 649. Amazon Prime offers these features in its annual plan, but can watch simultaneously on only 3 devices, while Disney Hotstar has the facility of only 2 devices. Means after the prices, even in terms of features, Jio Cinema is twenty from the rest.

Who is the real king of content?

Now the last and most important parameter remains… the parameter of content. Netflix’s audience likes it because of the premium and exclusive content. There are many global content on Netflix like Money Heist, Stranger Things, which people like very much. This is also the USP of Netflix. Although Netflix has not got much success in India. Disney Hotstar has lost HBO. Now Marvel movies and series are saved in the special content of Disney Hotstar. The specialty of Amazon Prime are series like The Family Man, Made in Heaven, Citadel, which have been made keeping in mind the Indian audience.

Support from here after IPL

Now let’s talk about live cinema. Now Jio Cinema has got the support of HBO by IPL. This means that now HBO’s blockbuster content like Game of Thrones, The Last of Us, House of Dragon will be available on Jio Cinema. Jio Cinema has also tied up with Warner Bros. Studio, which has brought content like Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, Batman vs Superman, Justice League.

Amazon prime ‘bees’ in this case

In this way, in terms of content, Jio Cinema has knocked on OTT with good preparation. Jio Cinema will also get the benefit of its domestic banner and many Bollywood movies will be exclusive on Jio Cinema. Overall, it can be said that Jio Cinema is looking strong in terms of price and features as well as content. Among these four, Amazon Prime proves to be a twenty on a scale that its customers simultaneously get the benefit of great offers from Amazon Music and Amazon’s e-commerce platform. At present, no one has the bite of this specialty of Amazon Prime.

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