Insurance companies will also bear the cost of surrogacy, see what instructions IRDA gave

Insurance companies will also bear the cost of surrogacy, see what instructions IRDA gave

Health insurance is considered very important in terms of future preparations and investment and savings. With time, the benefits of health insurance are also increasing. Now with a fresh directive from IRDAI, health insurance will become more beneficial for the people.

Have to follow these two acts

According to a Business Today news, the insurance regulator has directed insurance companies to provide coverage for surrogacy expenses to families who are facing the problem of childlessness due to a medical condition. For this, the regulator has asked all insurance companies to follow the Surrogacy Act 2012 and the Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2021.

begin implementation with immediate effect

IRDA has clearly told the insurance companies to start following both these acts with immediate effect and keep in mind that appropriate products are available. Section 4 of the Surrogacy Act provides for insurance coverage for surrogacy expenses. This cover also covers the treatment expenses for post-delivery complications.

What does surrogacy law say

Rule 5 of the Surrogacy Regulation Act states that a couple wishing to have a child through surrogacy must purchase general health insurance for 36 months for the surrogate mother. This insurance can be bought from any insurance company or insurance agent recognized by IRDA. It has also been said in the rule that the amount of insurance should be such that it is sufficient for the treatment of any problem due to pregnancy and delivery.

They will benefit from compliance

This guideline of IRDA is considered very good for surrogacy. With this guideline, the conditions regarding insurance related to surrogacy will be clear. On the one hand, such people will be benefited and facilitated, who are not able to have children and want to adopt the method of surrogacy. On the other hand, for surrogate mothers, there will be no health related stress for a certain period of time even after delivery.

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