Panther died in fight between Sehi and female panther, 3 cubs in womb also died

Panther died in fight between Sehi and female panther, 3 cubs in womb also died

Rajasthan News: Sehi and female panther had a fight near Satimata temple behind Taragarh in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. In which the panther hunted sehi and ate the meat. The panther died due to the poisonous thorns of sehi along with the meat. When people saw the panther fallen near the temple, they informed the forest department. By the time the forest department team reached the spot after getting information from the people, the panther had died.

7 thorns of porcupine were removed from the body of a female panther

Ranger Deshraj Meghwal says that there was a struggle between Sehi and the panther for a long time, due to which thorns were found on the body of the panther, in the end, the panther died due to poisonous thorns after eating Sehi’s meat. Generally, there are thick strong and sharp hair like thorns on the body of Sehi, due to which it protects against attack by enemy creatures.

In the mutual fight between Sehi and Panther, thorns were also found on Panther’s eye, jaw, neck and ear. After the post-mortem by the doctors of Animal Husbandry Department, cremation was done with respect in Ghughra Nursery.

Panther comes in populated area in Ajmer city

There are reports of movement of panthers in Taragarh and urban areas after coming out of the area of ​​forest department of Ajmer. Last month in the month of April, 5 goats were killed in the villages around Pushkar. Even before that many videos of panther spreading terror in the city had surfaced. Deputy Forest Conservator Sunil Sunil Chidri says that we have installed cameras at many places to track the panther’s movement and still appeal to the citizens and especially the tourists to be careful.

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