People are already under tension, this ‘hypertension’ from above… find out if you are not a victim of it

People are already under tension, this ‘hypertension’ from above… find out if you are not a victim of it

World Hypertension Day 2023: Like every year, this year too May 17 will be celebrated as ‘World Hypertension Day’ (World Hypertension Day 2023). The beginning of celebrating this day was decided by ‘The World Hypertension League’ (WHL) from the year 2005. But it took a whole year to implement it. From the year 2006, from May 17, this day is being celebrated as a special day. In medical language, hypertension is called high BP.

BP can take a severe form of hypertension at any time.

This disease can happen to a person of any age after 18 years. It is a disease of stressful life. During hypertension or high BP, the blood pressure in the veins increases. Due to this pressure, the flow of blood in the veins increases so much, due to which the heart needs to do more work. The main purpose behind celebrating this day is to make people aware about the disease of high blood pressure. Because many times it happens that people completely ignore BP. Because of which there is no guarantee when it will take its dangerous form and a person will die.

What are the causes of hypertension

According to doctors, people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease who have come under the grip of corona are facing serious problems of high BP. Nowadays the reason for hypertension is becoming bad lifestyle. Especially those youths who like to take a lot of rest are falling prey to this disease. Apart from this, people who do not exercise, whose lifestyle is completely bad and drink cigarettes and alcohol to reduce tension. He is suffering from a disease like hypertension. If your heartbeat is beating fast for a few days, then you should immediately contact the doctor and get your treatment done.

This is how you can know whether you have hypertension or not

Hypertension patient starts having difficulty in breathing

In the beginning of high BP or hypertension, a person starts having pain in the back of the head and neck.

Due to high BP, a person starts seeing blurred, as well as blood comes out from the toilet.

Many times it also happens that if you do not sleep properly at night, your heart starts beating fast.

due to hypertension

Get angry about everything or get stressed about everything

lack of sleep


eating more oily things

more non veg food

heavy drinking

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