People regret these things just before the death, the nurse who lived with many patients did

People regret these things just before the death, the nurse who lived with many patients did

Regrets Of Life In Last Time: Life and death are in the hands of the one above. Man lives life to the fullest, he asks God that he should not regret anything while dying. But often this does not happen. Don’t know how many mistakes a person commits while living life that he does not remember. But in the last moment, when he is going to die, then all kinds of good and bad moments pass in front of him like a reel and he regrets those mistakes (regret of life) which were unknowingly corrected by him. Some such shocking incidents have been shared by a nurse with the world, in which people gave statements on the shortcomings of their lives while dying.

Nurse is threading the philosophy of life in the book

Thirty-year-old Hadley Vlahos, who works as a nurse in the US province of Louisiana, has written a book on the regrets of such patients, referring to which Hadley spoke on the statements of some patients. Hadley said that for the last eight years she spends time with patients who are on the verge of dying and her book on the behavior and statements of those dying patients is coming soon. Hadley said that a patient told him while dying that no one takes anything with them. Perhaps the patient was remorseful about his attachment to material things in his life.

It is better to start now instead of waiting for a good time for some work while another patient is dying. One patient probably regretted that he could not express love to his loved ones while he was alive. That patient told Hadley while dying that he wished he could tell those people how much he loved them. A patient said that he wanted to become a doctor but he kept waiting for the right time and such a right time never came.

family is more important than work

According to Hadley, a patient told him that it is important to give priority to family over work. While leaving, a patient said that some things should not be done for others but for oneself. Perhaps that patient would not have been able to focus that much on his hobby, hobby and choice in his life, which he regretted at the time of his death. Hadley said that she has not captured the last sentences of each of her patients in the book itself, she applies these sentences to her life as well because somewhere these regrets help you decide or change the priorities of your future life. inspire for.

Hadley said that every person teaches you something unique from his life and death and by applying this lesson to life, we can avoid those regrets. The lessons of people who have lived their lives are useful for living life and these regrets are really connected to everyone somewhere.

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