Priyanka Chopra hasn’t seen ‘RRR’ yet, shocking revelation in lie detector test

Priyanka Chopra hasn’t seen ‘RRR’ yet, shocking revelation in lie detector test

Priyanka Chopra On RRR: Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra) is one of those Bollywood stars who remain in headlines every day for one reason or the other. Recently, the actress has given such a statement regarding the Oscar winning film ‘RRR’ for the song ‘Naatu Naatu’. Everyone is surprised to hear that. In fact, recently Priyanka has revealed that she has not seen the film yet.

Priyanka hasn’t seen yet RRR?

Priyanka recently did a lie detector test with Vanity Fair. In which there have been many important revelations related to his personal life. When the actress was asked about her husband whether Nick is a decent actor, Priyanka replied ‘yes’ which proved to be a ‘lie’ in the test. To which Priyanka said, “I think he is a very good actor, I keep lying about his acting.” Priyanka and Nick got married in the year 2018 at Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace.

And when Priyanka was asked in this test whether she had seen the blockbuster film ‘RRR’..the actress said, “No..I haven’t got the time yet. After this when Priyanka was asked if she is ‘RRR’ actor. Ram agreed with Charan being called the ‘Brad Pitt of India’ and said, “Yes absolutely agree. Ram has immense charisma..”

RRR The actress was trolled for calling it a Tamil film

Let us tell you that Priyanka Chopra gave an interview during the promotion of ‘Citadel’ some time back. RRR Was called a Tamil film whereas it is a Telugu film. For which the actress was trolled badly on social media. While clarifying her statement after trolling, Priyanka had said, ‘People start finding mistakes in my words..whenever you go up in life, people start looking for reasons to make you fall..but I have my There is so much love and support from family, friends and fans that I don’t pay attention to these things anymore..’

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