Rakhi Sawant accused her husband of giving contract for murder, said- ‘Adil to kill me…’

Rakhi Sawant accused her husband of giving contract for murder, said- ‘Adil to kill me…’

Rakhi Sawant Blamed Husband Adil: Drama queen Rakhi Sawant has now made new allegations against her husband Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi Sawant, who had already sent her husband to jail by making many allegations, has now surrounded her husband in another case. Rakhi says that her husband Adil Durrani is planning to kill her and since she herself is in jail, she has given contract to a person to kill her.

Rakhi Sawant’s husband is currently lodged in Mysore jail with several charges including assault on the actress. Now Rakhi Sawant has created a sensation by claiming her conspiracy to murder. In a conversation with ETimes, Rakhi said that she is reciting prayers to avoid enemies. Adil is planning to kill me. He has given a contract for my death to a murderer from the jail.

adil calls everyday
Rakhi said, ‘I have read the prayer and I am sure that Allah will accept my prayer. Rakhi Sawant addressing her husband Adil said that you cannot kill me, why do you want to do that? property and to take revenge?’ Rakhi also told that she gets Adil’s call everyday and he tells her everyday that I love you, take me back. But I have told him that I have forgiven you but stay away from me.

Rakhi’s well wisher gave information
Rakhi has also shared a voice note in which a person is heard alerting Rakhi. The person says, ‘I am telling you what I have come to know, I am your well wisher and want to keep my identity hidden. There are some people in Adil’s barrack with whom he was making a deal to kill you. He was also holding you responsible in front of the Superintendent and was also ready to buy off all the policemen. The person also claimed that Adil can get bail anytime till the end of this month.

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