Scam happened with software engineer, lost 42 lakhs; This is how the whole game happened on WhatsApp

Scam happened with software engineer, lost 42 lakhs;  This is how the whole game happened on WhatsApp

WhatsApp scam: The cases of cybercrime are not taking the name of decreasing. Cybercriminals are easily trapping educated people in their net. The latest case is from Gurugram where a software engineer working in an IT company lost his Rs 42 lakh after coming under the influence of thugs.

This is how the scam happened

In the police complaint, the software engineer said that the scam started on March 24 when he received a message on WhatsApp asking him to earn additional income. The engineer followed up on the message, in which it was told to earn income by liking the video. The thugs asked the engineer to invest the money so that he would get good returns. The engineer agreed to this and then a girl named Divya added the engineer to a telegram group where she was asked to invest money. The software engineer invested a total of Rs 42,31,600 in different transactions. He also transferred some of this money from his wife’s account. After investing, a person named Ankit, Bhumi, Harsh and Kamal in the group told the software engineer that his money is giving good returns and he has earned Rs 69 lakh. When the software engineer tried to withdraw the money, he could not find it. After this, the thugs asked the software engineer to invest Rs 11,000 more so that the money could be returned.

On hearing this, he was convinced that he had become a victim of a scam. The engineer again avoided the messages and lodged an FIR against everyone in the police station.

This is how scam is happening on WhatsApp

Not only are people getting calls or MMS from foreign numbers on WhatsApp, but people are also getting messages related to scams from Indian numbers. These messages start like this.

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“Hi! How are you?”
“I’ll tell you a little bit about the job we offer you”
‘You have nothing to do, just like YouTube videos and you can earn up to 8 thousand a day’ because there is no question of giving money in this, so the person gets trapped in this trap and then gives his money to the thugs. Is. Even if you reply NO, you will still be sent a message like this to trap you in the end-

Thank you for your response, I am Stacey Johnson HR from…… company and I would like to tell you about the work that we provide to you, you do not need to pay anything and it is absolutely free. Is. All you have to do is like the YouTube video and send us a screenshot. We will pay you 150, once you click LIKE on all the given tasks you can earn up to Rs 8000 per day, do you want to try it? Seeing these messages, some people go into talk and lose their money.

keep yourself safe

  • Never trust any unknown link or message on the Internet
  • Do not give your personal details to anyone under any circumstances
  • If someone comes back again and again on the matter of giving or receiving money, then understand that it is a fraud.
  • Block and report a message or call from an unknown number, do this when you suspect that person.


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