What should pregnant women eat, what should not… See here the complete diet chart from 1 to 9 months

What should pregnant women eat, what should not… See here the complete diet chart from 1 to 9 months

Pregnancy Diet Tips:Doctors often give advice regarding diet during pregnancy. Doctors tell everything about what pregnant women should eat and what not. So that both mother and child remain healthy. Dieticians tell that pregnant women should take special care of their health. Since this moment is most special, taking care of diet becomes most important. Most of the women are unaware of this and due to this they have to go through many problems during delivery. Let’s know from the dietician what should and what should not be eaten by pregnant women from 1 to 9 months.

What to eat from 1 to 3 months

Avoid being panicky in the first three months of pregnancy. During this, special things have to be taken care of. Don’t travel too far. Avoid eating papaya, pineapple and jackfruit. Drink water as much as possible and keep eating food from time to time. Vomiting keeps happening during this, so drink home made juice only. Keep the focus on the liquid as much as possible.

What to do and what not to do for 3 to 6 months

According to the doctor, there must be a weight gain of the body for three to six months. It is helpful in the development of the child. One should also focus on building bones and muscles. Eat things with iron, calcium, folic acid. It is better to eat supplements. The digestive system also needs attention. Eat only such things which can survive easily. Eat milk-curd and green leafy vegetables.

What should be done in 7th to 9th month

Doctors tell that during the period of delivery, the blood of the mother decreases. Because of this, there is also a problem in delivery. However, they can be avoided by adopting some easy measures. Consume calcium and vitamin E in plenty. Also pay attention to how many things the body needs. Eating green leaves, drumstick, kiwi, orange, beetroot at the time of delivery cures anemia. Drink at least 1 liter of milk every day. With this you will get calcium and it is beneficial. Drink coconut and include 50 percent roti-rice and lentils along with other things in your plate.

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