65 women found used condoms in Melbourne, the victim said – did not sleep all night

65 women found used condoms in Melbourne, the victim said – did not sleep all night

Australian Used Condoms Case: A shocking case has emerged from Australia. Here in Melbourne, 65 women have been sent letters with used condoms. The police has started investigating this matter with immediate effect. According to the police, an unknown person has sent them through post in many parts of Melbourne. All these incidents have happened during the last three months. According to the statement of the police officers, all the victimized women are related to each other, who have been victims of this.

All the victim women belong to the same college.
Interestingly, all these victimized women studied at Kilbreda College Private Girls School in the city in the year 1999. Police say that their addresses must have been taken from an old school yearbook. The police statement explained that most of the people who reported the material had received several letters containing the suspected used item. Let us tell you that apart from the police, the Beside Sexual Offenses and Child Abused Investigation Team is also probing the matter.

victim woman did not sleep whole night
Australia’s Herald Sun quoted the victim as saying that a female recipient of the mail received a message letter resembling a hand-written graphic. After this he tried to contact his friends. The woman said that the night I received the letter, I could not sleep that night, it scared me a lot. The victim said that it is very disappointing that some women have received even four letters.

The police made this appeal
The police of Australia have urged people to give any information related to this matter to them. The police appealed and said that people should come forward and help the officers.

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