Alphabet belongs to Google – Youtube, achieved revenue from 3.18 to 282 billion dollars in 18 years

Alphabet belongs to Google – Youtube, achieved revenue from 3.18 to 282 billion dollars in 18 years

Alphabet Inc: Everyone is familiar with the name of Google. But do you know that the name of Google’s parent company is Alphabet Inc.? American multinational company Alphabet was established in 2015, whose headquarters is in Mountain View, California. Alphabet is the parent company of many other subsidiary companies including Google. Let us tell you that George Soros, the world’s largest hedge fund manager, is invested in Alphabet.

google and youtube alphabet company

Alphabet’s success is linked to the success of its subsidiary company Google, which is the world’s largest search engine as well as one of the most popular websites. Apart from Google, Alphabet’s subsidiary companies also include YouTube, which is the world’s largest video sharing website. Google and YouTube are among the biggest revenue generating companies of Alphabet.

There are many subsidiaries

If you look at other subsidiaries of Alphabet, Verily Life Sciences, Calico, GV, CapitalG, X, which was earlier known as Google X, are among them. Apart from this, Nest Labs is also included. Drone company Terra Bella and fiber optic infrastructure company Fiber are also subsidiaries of Alphabet.

Sundar Pichai is the CEO

Sundar Pichai of Indian origin is the current CEO of Alphabet. And Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders of the company. The market capitalization of Alphabet is $1.52 trillion. And it is the fourth most valuable company in the world. Indian economy is close to 3 trillion dollars. That is, the market capitalization of Alphabet alone is equal to half the size of the Indian economy. Google has about 1,90,000 employees worldwide.

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Revenue reached $ 3.18 to 282 billion in 20 years

In 2022, Alphabet’s revenue was $ 282.83 billion. And this year 2023 has a target of $284.61 billion. The company’s revenue was $ 182 billion in 2020, which reached $ 257.63 billion in 2021 with a jump of 41.15 percent, with a tremendous increase in the Corona period. But due to the global economic crisis in 2023, the company has reduced the guidance. In 2004, the revenue was only $ 3.18 billion.


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