Anushka Sharma Rides Bike Without Helmet; Mumbai Traffic Police Issues Rs 10,500 Challan

Anushka Sharma Rides Bike Without Helmet;  Mumbai Traffic Police Issues Rs 10,500 Challan

The Mumbai Traffic Police has taken a strict action on a complaint put against Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma, also wife of cricketer Virat Kohli, after she was spotted riding as a pillion on a motorcycle. The viral video showing Anushka is sitting behind her bodyguard on a bike after hitting a roadblock received a lot of flak on the internet. Many Netizens questioned the actor for not wearing helmet while riding the bike and a complaint was put on Twitter, tagging the Mumbai Traffic Police. Sharing Anushka’s video, a user wrote, “@MumbaiPolice No helmet?” In reply, the Mumbai Police said they have shared the same with the traffic branch.

Now, the Mumbai Traffic Police, in a post on Twitter, revealed that a challan worth Rs 10,500 has been issued to the bike owner for breaking multiple rules. “Challan has been issued under Sec 129/194(D), Sec 5/180 & Sec 3(1)181 MV act to the driver along with a fine of Rs. 10500 & been paid by the offender,” wrote Mumbai Traffic Police . The user has already paid the full amount and the receipt was shared on Twitter as well.

As seen, the rider has been penalized under three different sections of the Motor Vehicle Act, namely Sec 129/194(D) for riding the bike by both rider and pillion without the helmet, Sec 5/180 for permitting the driver without a valid license to ride the bike and Sec 3(1)181 of the MV act to ride without a valid driving license.

All the three counts account for a cumulative fine of Rs 10,500. Earlier, megastar Amitabh Bachchan made waves on the internet after he shared a photo informing his fans that he took a lift from an unknown person on a two-wheeler to reach his work location on time. However, both the rider and megastar were not wearing helmets. “What about helmets dude?” asked a social media user.

Some social media users also tagged the Mumbai Police with Amitabh Bachchan’s photo sitting on a bike without a helmet. A user wrote, “Missing helmets for both rider and pillion. @MumbaiPolice please take note!”


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