Audi Q3 Sportback Review: A Luxury Coupe SUV High On Style, Light On Pocket

Audi Q3 Sportback Review: A Luxury Coupe SUV High On Style, Light On Pocket

India’s economy, as we know it, has witnessed a massive growth in the recent years and so has the disposable income of individuals. This rising status means more and more Indians are now looking to buy luxury vehicles and the easiest way to own one is by entering via the entry level luxury SUV segment. With such a high interest, the segment is cluttered with a lot of options. To break this monotony and launch something attractive, Audi, the German luxury carmaker launched the Audi Q3 Sportback, which is not just a luxury SUV, but a luxury SUV Coupe, that adds another layer to its persona. We drive the Audi Q3 Sportback to understand if you should put your money on this SUV.

Audi Q3 Sportback: review video

Audi Q3 Sportback: Design

First things first, we have to start this review with the design of this SUV Coupe as that’s the major difference with the Q3 SUV and the Q3 Sportback. The very first impression I get looking at this car is how stunning it looks! The body profile with a sloping roofline and the turbo blue color scheme makes this car stand out among the rivals. You get LED headlights and LED rear combination lamps with dynamic turn signal along with R 18 5-spoke V-style alloy wheels.

The look is further enhanced by the use of the S-line exterior package where silver shade frame is used on the grille, air vents on the front bumper and diffuser. The play of black, silver and blue shade adds a sporty appeal to the Audi Q3 Sportback. For me, the rear profile is the standout angle to look at the car. Overall, the Audi Q3 Sportback is undoubtedly one of the better looking cars in India.

Audi Q3 Sportback: Cabin

The Audi Q3 Sportback is a luxury car and that’s quite evident when you are inside the cabin of this SUV. The use of an Audi Virtual Cockpit Plus with 31.24 cm display, a driver-centric digital touchscreen with 25.65 cm display and a panoramic sunroof adds to the sense of luxury and space at the same time. There are various trims on offer in the Audi Q3 Sportback and the one we drove got the Okapi Brown shade that further adds to the luxury factor.

You get features like MMI Navigation Plus with MMI touch, Audi Smartphone Interface, Audi Phone Box with Wireless Charging System, Audi Sound System with 10 speakers, Ambient Lighting Package Plus with 30 colors and 2-zone Climate Control System among a multitude of other features. However, it misses out on a key feature like parking aid or self parking, which many rivals are offering. There’s no ADAS system, again, a common feature these days. Even the key fob is basic and nothing fancy.

The comfort level is also top notch and the use of Leather/Leatherette Combination Upholstery adds to the comfort. You get Electrically Adjustable Front Seats, Comfort Center Armrest in Front and adjustable Rear seats as well. In fact, it’s quite spacious at the back with enough headroom, legroom. But the shoulder room is not enough for three full grown adults. Having said that, the boot is deep and wide, despite the SUV having a sloping roofline, enough to pack your weekend stuff.

Audi Q3 Sportback: Performance

The Audi Q3 Sportback is powered by only one engine option, which is a 2.0-litre petrol engine having 190 HP and 320 Nm of output. While on the paper, these numbers may not seem enough as compared to the rivals, they do provide a superlative performance to an SUV as heavy as the Sportback. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the new Audi Q3 Sportback is an out and out driver’s car.

To further support the driving dynamics is Audi’s famed Quattro all-wheel drive technology, and Audi Drive Select with modes like Efficiency, Dynamic, Comfort that alters the engine, transmission, and steering input as per your driving preferences. The car has a 0-100 kmph acceleration of 7.3 seconds and a top speed limited at 220 kmph. We drove the SUV mostly in the city and some parts on a highway, and the SUV behaved with agility in the city conditions and felt planted at high speeds.

The NVH levels were well under control, justifying the luxury tag. The thing to note here is that the Audi Q3 Sportback offers a splendid ride quality and the suspension soaked up all the crevices and bumps with ease, a boon for the Indian roads. I found the steering feedback a bit heavy for my liking, while the ergonomics are among the best in the segment. Overall, the Audi Q3 Sportback matches the dynamics of the Q3, but with an added flair.

Audi Q3 Sportback: Verdict

The Audi Q3 entry level luxury SUV has been a successful car in India and the Audi Q3 Sportback further adds to the lineage of its success. The highlight of the Sportback has to be its eye-catching design, but then, it’s also feature rich, gets the Audi brand name and moreover, Audi’s impressive driving dynamics. Basically, it offers you all the reasons to consider it as your first ever luxury car, if you are willing to shell out Rs 52 lakh.


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