India will soon get a vaccine to fight dengue, every year so many crores of people around the world fall ill.

India will soon get a vaccine to fight dengue, every year so many crores of people around the world fall ill.

Dengue Vaccine: These days it is summer season in India. During this, different types of diseases are spreading their legs. In this, many diseases are related to mosquitoes, viruses and some are related to skin infection. This disease looks very common in the beginning, but after a time it takes a very dangerous form. Due to which the life of the patient can also be lost. Dengue, Malaria are also one of these diseases. According to the ‘Indian Council of Medical Research’ (ICMR), dengue virus is not only a problem for India, it remains a problem for the whole world. Dengue is such a disease that people all over the world are getting sick. Not only this, patients also die due to this. In India alone, 2.5 lakh people fall ill from dengue every year. Now Pune’s famous pharmaceutical company ‘Serum Institute of India’ (SII) is going to make the country’s first vaccine to fight dengue.

Serum Institute of India is doing the third trial of dengue vaccine

On the call of ‘Indian Council of Medical Research’ (ICMR), the drug maker ‘Serum Institute of India’ and Panacea Biotech said that the third phase of the vaccine against dengue has been applied for clinical trials. Keeping in view the safety of the tetravalent dengue vaccine candidate developed by Indian manufacturers, Phase III clinical trials are being conducted. At the same time, a senior health expert has said that the trial of dengue vaccine for adults will start in August this year.

How many patients of dengue virus can be cured

According to ICMR, crores of people all over the world are getting sick due to dengue virus. Some of these cases become so serious that they even die. Only in India, 2 to 2.5 lakh cases of dengue virus are exposed every year. Almost half of the world’s population is facing the risk of dengue virus. Every year 10 to 40 crore people fall victim to dengue disease worldwide. 80 percent of these people get cured with treatment.

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