Is putting black pepper in tea the right option? Those who do this, know their advantages and disadvantages

Is putting black pepper in tea the right option?  Those who do this, know their advantages and disadvantages

Hardly anyone would not like to drink tea. There can be no better option than tea during fatigue, headache, exam. Indians are the largest drinkers of tea in the world. Although it is advised to drink juice early in the morning, but people in India start their day with tea. You will be surprised to know that black pepper is the most used spice in the world. Black pepper is nothing less than a boon. It is also a good option in terms of health. People in India use black pepper in cough, cold, minor diseases.

Benefits of drinking black pepper mixed with tea

Black pepper contains plenty of antioxidants. Which protects the skin from free radicals.

Black pepper also has anti-inflammatory properties. Which cures inflammation in the body.

Blood sugar level is also controlled by eating or drinking this.

It is very beneficial in reducing cholesterol.

Black pepper acts like a pain killer.

If you are thinking of losing weight or have made up your mind to burn calories, then black pepper is the best option. Because it increases metabolism.

Black pepper tea also controls your mood swings.

Drinking black pepper tea keeps the mind calm.

How to make black pepper tea

First of all, take a cup of water and boil it keeping it well on the gas. Then put crushed black pepper and ginger in that water. When ginger and black pepper will boil well i.e. for 3-5 minutes, then peel it in a cup. Then put lemon and honey in it. Now your healthy and tasty tea is ready.

disadvantages of black pepper tea

If suppose you drink 2-4 cups of tea throughout the day. And if you have a habit of drinking tea with black pepper, then it can cause burning sensation in your stomach. And this can prove to be extremely dangerous for your stomach.

Black pepper coming in contact with eyes can cause irritation.

A woman who is pregnant or a woman who is breastfeeding her child should not eat black pepper at all.

Overall, the thing is that there are many benefits of black pepper, while black pepper also has disadvantages. Therefore, whenever you eat black pepper, keep in mind that in what quantity you are eating it.

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