Little Anu’s behavior hurts Anupama, will Kavya be able to hide her pregnancy from Vanraj?

Little Anu’s behavior hurts Anupama, will Kavya be able to hide her pregnancy from Vanraj?

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ is the most popular serial of TV. At present, some twist or the other is being seen in everyone’s life. Recently, Anuj and Anupama had separated. Now a similar scene has been shown between Vanraj and Kavya. Currently, a lot of preparations are going on for Samar’s wedding. During this, Anuj and Anupama met but there was no talk between the two. Kavya also returned to the Shah house. A lot of twists and turns will be seen in the upcoming episodes as well.

What is Kavya hiding?
In the upcoming episode, the Shah family will be seen busy preparing for Samar and Dimple’s wedding. Meanwhile, Kavya Shah will return to the haul. She has come to attend Samar’s wedding. Kavya will meet the best but will not even see Vanraj. However, Vanraj will not be able to see Kavya alone and sad and will try to talk to her. Meanwhile, it will feel as if Kavya is holding some deep secret in her heart and does not want to tell Vanraj. When Vanraj goes to meet Kavya, he will praise her beauty. However, Kavya will tell her that she has not been doing modeling work for a long time. Meanwhile, Vanraj will be seen getting suspicious that Kavya is not telling him anything.

Anupama’s heart is broken due to little Anu’s behavior.
Here Anupama will also leave for Shah house. She will go with her mother and brother. However, she will look quite restless and nervous as she is going to meet Anuj there. During this, Anuj and Anupama meet even before taking entry in Shah House. Although the eyes of both meet, but they will not say anything with their tongue. Both the mind will be seen talking to each other. On the other hand, Anupama gets emotional seeing the younger Anu who came with Anuj. Although little Anu would not want to talk to him. Anupama will be hurt by this behavior of Anu.

The family members made faces after seeing Anuj.
After this, in the episode, Anuj will go to Shah Haas with younger Anu and Maya. Anuj will get the best here and will also take blessings by touching Babuji’s feet. But due to the entry of Anuj in the house, many people will be seen with tears in their eyes.

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